Pinnacle Gradebook Viewer


Sebring Middle School

Sebring Middle School now offers parents and students the chance to view up-to-date grades for every student. This is a great way to communicate information on each student, but is not always completely accurate as grades can change on a daily basis.  SMS teachers will be entering grades weekly to try to keep the Internet Viewer updated by Monday of each week.

          In order to access grades for each student, you will need your student’s ID which is also known as the Student number (This number is printed on student schedules, report cards and progress reports.) and a PIN Code (The PIN Code is the student's date of birth in six-digit format. For example, if the student's date of birth is June 14, 1990 the PIN Code is 061490.)  The student is not identified by name on the screen or reports (for privacy protection).

You can access different reports for each class. You can select a class, a specific report and marking period by using the dropdown menus at the top of the Class and Report Selection screen. The Class Grades Report is a good one for grades.

Questions or comments regarding Pinnacle Internet Viewer should be directed to the Pinnacle Manager,  If you have questions concerning specific class grades please contact the individual teachers.