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Class of 1997 Reunion . The event will be on September 28 and 29.

For information email: sebringclassof1997@yahoo.com


If a year is not available, no one from that graduating class has registered  or if you need to register click below.

Click here to register or make changes to the existing information.

Class of 2006


Class of 2005


Class of 2004



Aaron Whitaker



Angelo Izquierdo


Class of 2003



Class of 2002


Class of 2001


Class of 2000


Dustin M. McLeod



Pete Szoczek


Shout Outs to Laura Gregory, and Kristin Ritter, and Jennifer Neely, and Whitney Meeks!

Class of 1999



Tequila Rouse

(863) 221-0875 or (863) 680-3784

Hey everyone, this is Tequila the basketball/track star.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing well in school and basketball.  This is my last year for college.  I graduate in April of 2003.


Jason Byrne

Box #4164 , 111 Lake Hollingsworth Dr.
Lakeland, FL 33801


On Campus - Communications Department

Communications major.. doing really well at Florida Southern College.

I miss you all incredibly much! Class of '99 and everyone I went to school with! I value all the time I spent at Sebring High School....especially my times in chorus (show choir, men's and varsity!), sports (cross country, wrestling, soccer and track) and in Mr. Jackson's TV Production my senior year! Kastro'z Korner is a classic show that will never be equaled at WSHS heh heh heh. I hope to hear from anyone I went to school with!


Devin Gibran Hicks

2120 Wightman Ave..
Sebring, FL 33870





Alix Price Parker

U 1303, Univ. of South Alabama
Mobile, AL 36688

Go to a big college! Get out of Sebring!!!

Since I've been gone I've come to realize that any place I live just happens to be so much better than Sebring, even in Mobile. Seriously everyone, get out of this town as soon as you can. It's not doing you any good, and it's just blocking your actual perception of the real world and makes you think every place is as miserable as it is here. It's not true! Once you get out of here, things will get much better. It's great and nothing like Sebring! So a word of wisdom from the alumni... get out! luv -alix


Maria Rivera

Caguas, PR

USF Sun Dome

messages: I just wanted to say hello to all the 99 graduates.  I hope that you are all enjoying college life to the fullest.  I wish you all the best and miss you all very much.  Hope to keep in touch and see you all soon.  God Bless!

I am currently attending InterAmerican University near San Juan in Puerto Rico and am a Nursing Major. Hope that everyone in the class of 1999 is doing well. I miss you all lots and hope to keep in touch.

Class of 1998



Christina (Eslinger) Ruibal

Married with two children. 
Il me vit, il m'aima ; je le vis, je l'aimai.
Life is good.


Jason Hanken

Sebring, FL

I am curious as to when each reunion is scheduled. I am currently attending SFCC. Go Panthers, or something. ;-)


Rachal Dawn Jordan
579 W. Texas Ave.
Sebring, OH 44672-1839

No FrillsI am highly involved in the sign language curriculum at the University of Akron!


Stephanie Dawn Keiber

Vanderbilt Univ. Sta B 2291, 2201 W. End
Nashville, TN 37235
Currently a student at Vanderbilt University.


Lana Lynn Kent

Sebring, FL 33870
Highlands Abstract & Title Co.
Fax: 863-385-5020

Student at South Florida Community College


Willam James Kingston

Winn Dixie

all is fine, having fun at sfcc, its a great place



Joseph Roscoe "Ross" Merritt


Tyson Benjamin Mutchler

Columbus, GA 43201

Bravo's Italian Restaurant

Yep, I am still alive, surprised?



Justin Perry

Fort Myers, FL 33912

adidas International

Sociology Major at Florida Gulf Coast University


Tracy Loraine Pollard

Andrea (Andi) Rhodes
Clermont, FL

work- I am working for the Disney Company! And I love it!
memo- I miss all of you and hope that everyone is doing well. Take care of yourselves and behave! work: I am working for the Disney Company! And I love it!


Dana Lin Sacco
1016 NW 8th St.
Gainesville, FL 32601

Student at the University of Florida, and loving organic chemistry.



Robby  Sampson  


I have been married to my wonderful wife for over 2 years, we live in Lakeland I'm a Loan officer for a mortgage company and very happy with all that is happening in my life.


Jay R Strickland

Florida Center

Currently attending college at SFCC fulltime. Working on A. A degree.


Radha Vinod Thakkar

VU Station B 0224
Nashville, TN 37235 student


Eddie Theodore Welch

982 W .Brevard St apt 13-g
Tallahassee, FL 32304

that im alive

Sup Class of 1998 Eddie here just trying to be the best I can be up here At Florida A&M University I just wanna give a shout out to all my Class of 98 friends out there and to wish ya'll the best in everything One Love

Class of 1997

Here is the plan:  The Class Reunion is set for the weekend of September 28 and 29.  That coincides with the homecoming game.  This date should be pretty firm.       

Friday Night – We will meet at the Sebring Civic Center on Lake Jackson.  We plan on having some food and drinks – probably hotdogs, chips, and soft drinks.  After the game, gather at Duffer’s or the Watering Hole.       

Saturday afternoon – Family day at Highlands Hammock.  Bring kids, pets, or just go for a walk.       

Saturday Evening – Dinner & reception at the Fireman’s Field Pavilion.  It is new and very nice.  We plan on having a DJ and small program.       

We would like to have a memory presentation on Saturday night, but we need your help.  Please scan and email any of your favorite pictures from high school (be sure to include names of the people in the picture).       

This whole project is going to need your help.  Take out your yearbook, and look at the senior class.  If you know where anyone is and/or how to contact them, please have them email their information (name, address, phone # and preferred email) to  mailto:sebringclassof1997@yahoo.com.  Even if they say they won’t be able to make it this time, it will make it somewhat easier for the next time.       

We will give updates by email … only if you have submitted your email address.  You can also click on the MYSPACE group page: http://groups.myspace.com/97BLUESTREAKS  

There is also a forum there for any topic.  You will also be able to check the Sebring High School Alumni Site http://www.highlands.k12.fl.us/~shs/alumni/alumni.html#97     

You may want to bookmark these sites.       

Within a few days we should have a bank account and a PO Box.  We will send out that information when we get it.  We are still trying to come up with a price.  That also depend on how many people plan on coming.  The more people that come, the lower the price.    

Any questions can be sent to sebringclassof1997@yahoo.com as well .

If we forgot something we will send another email.  

Reunion Committee



Kevin Eugene Alsabrook

12905 Webly Ct. 
Carmel, IN 46033


O'Malia's Food Market, Soon to work at Eddie Bauer clothing

Attending School at IUPUI, possible double major in nursing and business

I would like to hear from all of my classmates, especially Matt Winkleblack, Matt Bennett, and Kenny Koehler. Good luck to you all in life.


Shiloh Kay Leslie Ashby

PO BOX 1557
Sebring, FL 33871

Carolina A. Barinas

work - MagicTech Computers, Inc. messages - I will be graduating November 2001 as a Surgical Technologist and maybe pursuing nursing after graduation. I want to wish the class of "97" the best and a lot of luck.


Cara Mae Cool

U-Box # 64970


Tallahassee, FL 32313 

Caroline Brevard Elementary School and Burdines

All is well here in Tallahassee. I’m in the middle of my first semester here at FSU. I’m really enjoying college life. I would love to hear from anyone that I went to high school with... let me know how you guys are doing.


Judah Cordovano

Gainesville, FL

I'm currently a student at University of Florida, majoring in psychology!

High school was a blast and I miss everyone from the class of '97!  GO GATORS!!!


Becci S. Davis

3550 Cindy's Lane
Sebring, FL 33870

I am still as crazy as I ever was!

I attend classes at SFCC. I am majoring in Social Sciences and hope to receive my PH.D. in Social Work. Someday I hope to open my own group home for the disabled. I hope everybody is doing okay and that everybody is happy. Feel free to contact me to say hi or just to talk at any time. Hope to hear from you soon. Love ya, Becci

EDITOR'S NOTE: Becci Davis passed away on 00/00/99.  She was working towards her dream at South Florida Community College. Becci suffered from Cerebral Palsy but didn't let her physical disability overcome her will and desire to learn.   At Sebring High and at SFCC she was admired and respected for her perseverance.   The Becci Davis Memorial Fund has been established at SFCC for anyone who wishes to make a financial contribution to assist students who demonstrate Becci's determination.


Roshni Patel

1000 SW 62nd blvd Apt #1736
Gainesville, FL 32607

I am currently a first year sophomore at the University of Florida

Gators rule and Noles s...!!!!!! Forever more. We will always be winners!!!!

Judah and I really miss everyone that has touched our lives during the past few years at the almighty Sebring High School. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the following teachers: Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Sigmund, Mrs. White, Mr. Cloud, Mrs. Strickland, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Henry, Mrs. Stokes, Mrs. Rosenbaum, and, but certainly not the least, Mr. Buckley. We miss and love all of you!! Roshni and Judah.


Ashley Price Simpson


StratoNet, Inc

Fax: (863)382-8503

Hello, E-mail Me, Why don't you, I would love to here from someone.


Brad G Simpson

Mag-12 DET 3rd SSCT Unit 37150

FPO, AP 96603-7150
Japan United States Marine Corps

I am doing fine over here in Japan.

I would just like to say What up!! Japan is great if you ever get the chance you should come over here to see it. I am in Iwakuni, Japan down towards the southern part. I also have been to Okinawa. I am currently taking classes with University of Maryland. I wish everyone good luck in everything you do! I'm out.


Darrell Smith

Morehouse College
214 Gardenwood Drive
College Park, GA 30349

I am currently a 3rd year student at Morehouse College majoring in Marketing Pre-law. Upon graduation next year, I will be attending either University of Pennsylvania Law School, NYU, Harvard Law, or Cornell Law. I hope that everyone is achieving their goals, and seeing their dreams become reality.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at darrell_smith@hotmail.com. Much love and adoration to the Class of 1997, and now the Class of 2001!!!!


Candice Wilmoth

421 N. Woodland Blvd. #8091
DeLand, Fl 32720-3760


Stetson University School of Music

Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is doing well in all their prospective colleges. It's funny how time has passed. I'm now a junior at Stetson University, where I am working on a dual degree program where I will achieve my Bachelors of Music Education and my Masters of Business Administration when I graduate (2002). I have held roles now in three operas at Stetson. And I just love it here! I am highly involved on campus between sororities and organizations. Email me if you want to catch up!

Class of 1996



Benjamin Camp

Andersen Consulting

Hahahahaha! This is too funny to be true. I cant believe that anyone in this hickville town can even find the internet. Well, done with school. Graduated from FSU with a giant list of honors (Magna Cum Laude for one). Finally decided that school was important. I majored in Finance and Multinational Business Operations. You kids have fun in life. Next stop for me is on the cover of Forbes.


Tammy Kesling Caputo

Sebring, FL

HiTek Learning Systems, Inc.

I stay busy working. Frank and I were finally married in May. Frank is a Grocery Manager at Publix. Please stay in touch!


Clifford Duncan

7008 C.R. 17 South
Sebring, FL 33870

Computer Terminal, Inc.



Joey C. Elliott

1128 Gleaning Close
Virginia Beach, VA 23455

U.S. Navy


Kevin T. Lister
Gainesville, FL 32607

work - The Cage (Yeah Right)
messages - I am at the University of Florida majoring in Microbiology and Cell Science. I plan to attend Medical school and become an extremely wealthily individual.


Jennifer Ann Leidel

PO Box 0589
West Point, NY 10997

United States Corps of Cadets


John A. Martz
Orlando, FL

work- Buena Vista Pictures Group.
memo- Wow, an SHS website....
messages- Never thought I'd see the day this was online! Anyway, hi to everyone, I'm still in school, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in French. I currently work for Buena Vista Pictures Group (Disney's Movie Studio) as a Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator. It's great, and I'll hopefully be transferring to Paris after graduation. That's it, bye!


Jessica M. Paris


1685 Burrows Ave. #59
East Lansing, MI 48823


Vincent Oakes

28 East Hall #319
Gainesville, FL 32612-2801

Univerisity of Florida student
I'm doing well and singing a lot! It's great here.

Nice to see the page getting updated. I'll have my own page up within the next four weeks or so, with a link to your page. I'll let you guys know. Some CHORUS and INTERACT stuff would be NICE TO SEE. Nice job so far...



Breezy Silver

Going to Michigan State University!


John  L. Smehyl

Gainesville, Ga. 30506


Work- Still in school.



Julie Maria Washburn

Grace College #1213 200 Seminary Dr.
Winona Lake, IN 46590

I am a current junior at Grace College and I am majoring in psychology/sociology

How is everyone?? I am doing great...and so different than I was in high school...After school I decided to really trust in God and He has sincerely changed me and my focus in life. I am currently at a private Christian College where the environment is wonderful and full of positive people. After I graduate I hope to get my Master's in Forensic psychology..not sure what school yet. Still heavily involved with music...still playing my trombone, the past few years I played in our school brass group...called "Grace Brass", we toured all over and even took a trip to Quito, Ecuador. I am also in Orchestra and several other groups...yet this year I joined a vocal group..we sing contemporary Christian music...which is a change. Check it out on the web..at www.grace.edu and the group is called "Sound Investment"..it is under the community life section. I am proud of all of you that have left the state and little city of Sebring...there is so much more to experience outside of the little bubble of Sebring. Write me!!


Class of 1995



John Bond

9870 Balmoral Circle
Orlando, FL 32817



Going to school and partying hard!!!!


Stephen Braswell

9870 Balmoral Circle
Orlando, Florida 32817


Not much


Aaron Joseph Brooks


Randy Conrad

(336) 238-6086

Thomasville, NC 27360

After several years of struggling to find what I want to be when I grow up, God has decided it for me. I am currently working on my second degree, this time in Theology at John Wesley College.

With God's help, I will graduate within the next two years and begin doing His work within the Wesleyan church. To all who read this, all I ask is for you to say a prayer for me, as this is a time of change for me and my family. Oh yeah, the family now consists of a beautiful wife, a precious 4 year old daughter, and 2 year old son who is ALL BOY!

God willing, I'll see you at the reunion.


Fransisco Cuna

11750 College Park #A
Orlando, Fl 32826



Betsy Kreisher Forman

920 Boulevard Suite 4
Dover, OH 44622


attending Kent State University, working on BBA

Contact me if you were in my class. Love to hear from some old classmates.


Andres Oliveros

Box 96529
Durham, NC 27708 Student, Duke University


Richard Giovanni Russo

5935B Winegard Rd
city: Orlando, FL 32809                                                            http://www.drigon.com/~richasi/

SunTrust Online, inc.

Hey, I bet some of you who are looking at this thought they'd never graduate - well you will! After graduation I went on to SFCC and I'm now living in Orlando going to UCF - majoring in Computer Science. I Currently work for SunTrust Bank in their PC Banking department (SunTrust Online, inc) and go to classes full time. Other than that I go to Disney a lot and have a blast! Later!


Kristy Lee Sampson

1234 Triangle Dr. #6
Lake Wales, FL 33853


Amateur Athletic Union

fax: 407-934-7242

I am doing well and I LOVE my job!!

I hope my information gets updated so I some of my old classmates can keep in touch with me.



John Byran Steele

407 SW 13th St
Gainesville, FL 32601

University of Florida



Mandy Vickory

4018 Skipper Rd.
Sebring, FL 33870 
CENTURY 21 Compton Realty

Gosh - Life is so different when you are on your own. What I wouldn't give to be back in High School once again with no worries or cares in the world.

I am still in Sebring. Married to David Lester (some of you may remember him too). We have a gorgeous little girl named Katie Leighan. She is the joy of our life. I would love to hear from anyone who I went to school with. I wish you all the best.


Kristy Sampson

550 Burns Avenue
Lake Wales, Fl 33853

I'm a student at Webber College and I'm doing well. Where is everyone at from the class of 1995? I know where some of you are.


Sheri Shoemaker

Orlando, FL     

Walt Disney World


Kedric Webster

532 NW Lakeview Dr.
Sebring, Fl 33870


I hope I gained the respect of many.

Hey all.  I'm really glad to see that something of this sort has been set up.  I see my friend Jason Byrne was in on the action (Hey Jason!).  My address could change sometimes in the next couple months but I'd still live in town.

After toiling away in the hospitality management field at South Florida Community College, I determined it was buffoonery and set out (not very far) to find something I knew I was good at.  Many people suggested I should write for a paper.  I found my way into the News-Sun by reading about an ad for help in the classified department.

The job was pasting up the classified ads that needed it.  Basically anything that wasn't a color ad.  Being that it's a small building, I would talk to the sports editor, Jeff Cantwell, and after working here for six months, he asked me if I wanted to do a few stories
in the WHO'S THE BEST special section that the paper would be putting out.  It tells about many of the best coaches and athletes that have come from Highlands County.

I did four:  Eric Zwayer, Kenny James, Jay Belflower, & Lavaar Scott.  It was a great accomplishment for myself and WHO'S THE BEST was a huge success.

Recently, I had my first sports article published for this date (7/30/99) and I hope there
are many more.  I love working here.

Go Blue Streaks!


Brooke Lauren Webster

student (this time I'm gonna finish.....no, really)

Class of 1994



Heath Braswell

10215 Blanchard Park Trail Apt. 2323
Orlando, Florida 32817 Sears


Cooler than ever!!

Well, Amy and I are finally married!!  She's a school teacher and I am a full time student, but we're not old farts. If you're out surfin' the net check the home page.


Carrie (Craft) Buchness

 Altoona, PA.


Katherine Dewind Gomez

13031 N.W. 1st St., Apt. # 202
Pembroke Pines, Fl.  33028
Driftwood Elementary School

Teaching kindergarten, married, and graduate

Class of 94 always had a whole lot more! of UCF


Greg Wilson Hulen

5321 72nd Street
Lubbock, TX 79424

Texas Tech Athletic Department

1994 Graduate SHS, 1998 Graduate FSU

After graduating from Florida State last spring, I am working at Texas Tech Athletic Department in the athletic media relations office. I am having a great time working with the football, track and field and swim teams. I will be going back to the classroom in the fall of 1999 to get my masters degree in sports administration. However, I don't know where I will be attending school.

I would love to hear from anybody that I might remember. Drop me a line out here in Lubbock!


Robert L. Oaks


Kristy Murphy Puckett

Birmingham, Alabama

Roll Tide!

I attended the University of Alabama after high school. I married my husband Ben in early spring of 1999. We have a beautiful baby boy named Brayden born in November 1999.



Daniel Schumacher


1915 Wells Branch Pkwy. #505
Austin, TX, 78728 IBM

Honestly, you found out all you needed to know about me in high school...

Hello everyone.  I graduated in May, 1998 from the University of Florida (home of the 1996 National Football Champions), and took a job as a software engineer a month later with IBM.  I am currently working in their Network Computing Division and living in Austin, Texas. That's about the extent of it.   Go Gators.



Joshua Stoddart

Tampa, FL

Tampa Electric Company

I will graduate from USF this summer(2000) with a degree in MIS. I am currently working for Tampa Electric as a co-op.

Class of 1993




Heather Noel Beaman
Manchester, TN 37355

Work- Skills Development Center memo- I have become a professional student it seems, But right now I am working on my BSW and plan to start on my masters after that so I can begin a career in social work.


Lisa C. Kent

Sebring, FL 33870

Accountant at Davis Citrus Management

Graduated from Florida Southern College in May 1997


Shawn Brooks Kerr

1926 Topside Rd.
 Louisville, TN 37777

Alcoa Elementary School

Greetings from the land of "Volunteers!"  Adrienne Kimmel Kerr and I were married in November 1996, yes we were High School sweethearts!  After I graduated from USF with a degree in education, we moved to a small suburb of Knoxville, Tennessee.  I am currently
teaching the first grade at Alcoa Elementary school (and loving it).  Adrienne is now attending the University of Tennessee in the college of education.  So, if you're ever in the area, stop by because we have a fantastic view of the 'Smokies!'


Robbie Steele
208 Lake Parson's Green Apt 805
Brandon, FL 33872

messages - Hi all! My brother Champ told me about this web site. I am currently living in Brandon, Fl where I teach Agribusiness and Natural Resources to middle school students. I graduated with a BS in Agriculture with a specialization in Agricultural Education from the University of Florida. Go Gators! My how life takes its turns. I am engaged to get married in October of 2001 to a wonderful gal named Kim. Drop me a line some time if you would like to talk.

 Class of 1992


Ray J. Alvarado
13109 Odyssey Lake Way
Orlando, FL 32826

work - Hewitt Associates.


Wes Hurley Clemens


Andrew Frost

820 Chestwood Avenue
Tallahassee, Florida 32303

WRS Infrastructure & Environment, Inc.


Rebekah Greene-Kogelschatz

14 Victory Way
Lake Placid, FL 33852 
Lake Placid Elementary

I am married to Rick Kogelschatz, of Avon Park, graduated from UCF, am a special ed. teacher, pursuing graduate degree in special ed.

Amy Beth Brannon

8402 Hillsborough Loop Dr. #958
MacDill AFB, FL 33621 
United States Air Force

Hello fellow SHS alumni!

After graduating from Florida State University in August 96 with a Bachelors of Sociology, I had the urge to join the US Air Force.  I have chosen a job in the weather field and I love it!!!  I was hoping to get stationed somewhere far away from Florida, but ironically I ended up in Tampa, only two hours away from home!!!!  I have only been in service for nine months, but so far it has been great! Take care and best of luck to you all!


Minerva Santos Cansino

2217 Ashley Run Drive
Norcross, GA  30092

Graduate of UCF 1995; graduate of New England School of Law 1998; Member of the Georgia Bar 1999; Engaged to be married to Kyle R. Blanchette May 2000.

Hello to all my friends....Wish you all well!!



Brenda L. Guinn

150 Akers Rd
Hot Springs, AR 71901

at home doing Medical Billing


Jennifer E. (Selph) Hook

Vista, CA 92084


Eric J. Knott

Chiba, Japan

Chiba Lotte Marines

I refuse to grow up and get a real job. After four years of college at Edison CC and Stetson University, I signed to play professional baseball w/the Az Diamondbacks. Since '97, I have lived in Canada,CA, El Paso, Tucson, and Phoenix. In June'00 I signed to play pro baseball in Japan. Life is really good right now, I have a wonderful girlfriend, Alejandra, that is from Mexico. I wish everyone the best and I would like to hear from everyone, so e-mail me.


Matthew Steven Losonczy


 Angela Watkins Mitchel

17468-A Dunewood Court


Class of 1991



Thor Knutson

I am walking the Pacific Crest Trail 2650 miles. I started on April 14 2006. It starts in Mexico and ends in Canada. I walked the Appalachian Trail 2174 miles from March 8, 1999-Sept 20, 1999. This is my web site of my progress and I blog a little each day. I have pictures, maps and you can also drop me a line.




Nicole Ann Lawson

Anyone I know out there?



Jim Lear

Pataskala, OH 43062

Children's Hospital

I accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour in August 1991 and began working in Youth Ministry in the same year. Moved to Columbus, OH and attended Bible College from 1992 - 1996. After graduation I went on my first missions trip to Brazil. I have been involved in Youth Ministry since 1991. I love God and the youth I serve with all of my heart. I serve at Eagle Rock Ministries in Pickerington, OH. 

Would love to hear from other alumni.


Clarence Moore, Jr.

175 Stonegate Dr.
Frederick, MD 21702
 US Army



 Neil H. Potter, Jr.



Discount  Auto Parts

fax: 1-904-763-1876

I married Sheri Poulos from lake placid. We have two wonderful children. I am a Divisional Manager for discount auto parts in Daytona and East Central Florida area.

contact us we love to hear from old friends.


Sami Nadeau

949 Tillery Way
Orlando, Fl 32828

Walt Disney World

I went to SFCC directly after graduation and got my cosmetology license.  I hated it!  Standing behind a chair for sixteen hours was not my idea of a good time. So I fled to Orlando and got a job as a character at WDW.  I have been with the company for five years.
My job varies day to day.  I am a puppeteer for one of the top shows on property.  I also work as an improvisational actor on the street. I have toured the eastern United States with the company and just returned from a six month stint at Tokyo Disneyland.  Outside projects include extra work for some of the television shows produced at the Studios.  I am waiting to hear about a television pilot I auditioned for called St. Eyria City of Darkness.  Feel free to get in touch with me.  I would love to hear from fellow SHS graduates!


Neil Hamilton Potter

2200 India Blvd.
Deltona, FL 32738

discount auto parts

fax: 1-904-763-1876

I married Sheri Poulos from lake placid. We have two wonderful children. I am a Divisional Manager for discount auto parts in Daytona and East Central Florida area.

contact us we love to hear from old friends.



Christopher Schoop


Margaret Elizabeth DeWind

10600 Bloomfield Drive, Apt# 1423
Orlando, FL 32825 CPA 

firm; accountant

Just bought a new house and I am getting married to a fellow accountant in June 99

Class of 91; we won it all!



David West

Sebring, FL

David M. West Lawn Care

Still mowing yards!! I got married two years ago to a beautiful girl named Shawn I found in "The Cage" one night. She is a teacher at Cracker Trail Elem.

Class of 1990



Kiersten Marcy Berkoben

Orlando, FL

Mortgage Lender, Horizon Home Funding


Michelle Brooks

Huntington Bank



Suzanne Marie Crawford

1834 King Ave
Sebring, FL 33872

Alan Jay Toyota

fax: 863-382-8239

I now have two beautiful children, Matthew and Alexis. My family is proud to live in Sebring.



Tenille Drury


Beth Schorsch Flynn

7080 Valley Landing Ct.
Cumming, GA 70040


Kim Marcy Hankins

182 Post Way
Casselberry, FL 32707 
Horizon Home Funding, Mortgage Broker

I graduated in 1995 with two Business Degrees (Human Resource Management and Marketing) from UCF. I married Eric, a business (acct.) student also, in 1996. We had an adorable baby on Nov. 5, 1998 named Derrick. I work out of my home full-time and love being a mom!


Jennifer Polston Koellner

1322 Prospect Dr.
Sebring, FL 33870

Nick and I have been together since DEC. of 95 and we have a beautiful little girl named Sidney!



Heather Deaton Marshall

2616 Lorraine Court
North Palm Beach, FL 33403


Clayton Andrew Pause

604-F Gold borough St.
Salisbury, MD 21801

Perdue Farms Inc.

After graduation from SFCC, went to flight training in Jacksonville, FL, and came out 6 months later as an instructor. Then moved to Mobile, AL and began teaching people to fly. Later began flying for a heavy equipment company in Mobile and worked in engineering on a CAD station (thank you Mr. Hews). Moved around Alabama going where the better flying jobs were and am currently flying a Beech jet 400A for Perdue Farms in Salisbury, MD (yes the chicken people). Still single, moved around too much in the early days, but still looking. Still not settled permanently (least I don't think) as am still working toward the UPS heavy iron job (read that as 747). If anybody is in the Baltimore - Norfolk area, let me know.


Karen. Renault@tropicana.com

Karen Trot Renault

6295 Brachia Del Mar Cir. #404
St. Petersburg, FL 33715


Tea Aileen Kern-Butler

Los Angeles, California

Western Youth Services

After graduating from SHS I attended UCF and obtained by bachelors degree in Psychology.  From there I moved to Los Angeles, California where I have been living for the past four years pursuing my masters and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology.  I recently graduated in June 1998 and am now working as a Child and Family Psychologist in LA.  I am so glad to finally be done with school, it has been a very long road!!!  I was also married on June 4 1998 to the love of my life, Lucas Butler.  No children yet but maybe soon.  I would love to hear from fellow SHS graduates and old friends.


Megan Young Valence

915 Garland Ave.
Sebring, FL 33872




Tami Rennie Wilson

1029 West Second Street, #5
Madison, IN 42750


fax: 954-523-1775 - parents home fax

American General Finance

I graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Criminal Justice and a minor in Business Administration. I worked for the largest school uniform company in South Florida every summer and upon graduation, I was offered a permanent position. I worked for them for a year and a half before joining the Army for four years and meeting my soul mate, Frederick Allen Wilson. We were married in June of 1999 and I have since left the Army. He will separate in June of 2000 after serving 11 1/2 years. He is a helicopter pilot and I was in Military Intelligence and was a certified Spanish Linguist. I would love to hear from anybody from SHS - no matter when you graduated!!

Class of 1989



Monica Kiszivath Coronado

In 1993 I graduated from UCF with a Major in Organizational Communication.Then my husband and I lived in Colombia, SA for 8 months. We returned to Sebring for a few years. We moved to Indiana so that my husband could work with the Indy Racing Team, Andretti Green Racing since 2000. We have been married for 15 years with  3 daughters, ages 14, 10 and 2.


Jacqueline Albury

The class of 1989 is looking for classmates for our 10 year class reunion.  You can get in touch with Tanya Short Cannady at 382-1157 (work) or 382-7922 (home) or Jennifer Shepard Reed at 382-8822 work) to let them know your address, etc.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Tina R Best

Port St Lucie, FL
Columbia Lawnwood Pavilion

Looking forward to hearing from fellow 1989 grads.



Janie Leadingham

Gainesville, FL

fax: 352-373-1507


Julie Smith Mickler

4286 Shadow Creek Circle
Oviedo, FL 32765
USA Victorias' Secret Regional Office

Fax: (407)895-6409



Jennifer Shepard Reed

4060 Arbuckle Creek Rd
Sebring, FL 33870


Owner/Instructor Dance Unlimited dance studio



Hermes Francisco Rivera

125 Calle Las Palomas
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911

Self Employed

fax: 787-859-8267

Hi guys, I have been trying to look for my 1989 classmates without luck so please give my email and postal address to everybody that asks for it! Thanks!



Alton Lavert Williams
7828 Cherry Field Dr.
Jackson, FL 32216

fax: 904-272-3413
work - Navy Recruiting Station Orange Park Fl
memo - I'm alive and doing well
messages - Hello 89 classmates. Still in the Navy doing fine. I got 9 yrs left before I retire. If any of my classmates see this give me a shout can't wait to hear from you all. peace

Class of 1988



Jodi Lovett-Baker

1607 Iris Avenue
Sebring, FL 33872 Homemaker

Fax: 863-471-6420

In May of 1992 I married Tim Baker and have two sons.


Jeff Carlson

3531 US 27 South
Sebring ,FL 33870 
Bill Carlson Accountant

Fax: 863-382-4141

1993 Graduate of University of South Florida BS Finance

1995 Graduate University of Phoenix MBA

Currently working on a BS in Accounting for the CPA exam.

Recently, I moved back to Sebring, and love it. I decided to join my father's accounting practice after 7 years in commercial and investment banking. I'm sure I made the right decision. There are lots of alum in town or moving back so look us up if you're coming our way.


Sherry Dudley

411 Inglewood Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Poole, McKinley & Blosser

fax: 850-561-0792

I am currently a lobbyist in Tallahassee and really enjoy it. My job requires me to travel a lot around the state and I would love to see some alum. I don't miss Sebring much but I do miss the people.


Kerry Harris

232 Lakeside Rd.
Sebring, FL 33870
 Highlands County Emergency Medical Service

I am one of those very few that married their high school sweethearts (Pam Eures) and stayed in Sebring. I went to SFCC right out of high school and got my EMT license and was hired with Highlands County EMS in 1989. Pam and I were married in 1990. I then attended Polk Community college in 1992 and received my Paramedic license. In 1994 we had our first child, her name is Madison Jo Harris. As of this date (4/97) Pam is five months pregnant with our second. Pam is the Human Resources Director with the Tampa Tribune/Highlands Today Newspaper here in Sebring. Thanks, and hope to hear from some of those long lost classmates.  Still here in Sebring. I am a Paramedic with HCEMS. Since 1989.


Yolonda Kerney

2900 Adams Mill Rd. NW #602
Washington, DC 20009
United States Library of Congress

Fax: (202)707-7161

I am as enthusiastic about music as I was in high school.

I'm very excited to see a homepage for SHS! I am a musicologist (Howard University grad '93) and currently working on a master's degree in music history. I work as a music specialist in American music in the Special Materials/Rare Book division of the Library of Congress. I'd love to talk with any students who are considering music as a career. As a Howard University music student, I've performed all over the US (including the 1st Clinton inauguration) and in Europe. I have been fortunate enough to perform on a regular basis and work in a very rewarding "day" job as well. If there are any prospective Howardites who want information, e-mail me or call the admissions office at (202)806-6100. PLEASE tell Mr. Wedig that I saw his homepage but couldn't e-mail him. I wasn't the greatest Spanish student, but his class really paid off for me while I was in Torrevieja, Spain. There are 2 other SHS graduates in DC also : Lenora Spencer (SHS '87) and Walter Ellis who is in his 3rd year at Howard Medical School.


Joe Lorino

Lenexa, KS 

Cisco Systems

After graduation I joined the US Army as a Radio Repairer. Left the Active service in 1992, remained in the reserves, started school at the University of Kansas (Go Jayhawks!) studying Computer Science. Worked for the University of Kansas from 1992 to 1999 as a PC Lab Tech, LAN Admin and WAN Admin. Now I work for Cisco Systems (ticker CSCO) as a Project Engineer. I have a wife named Catherine and 2 children Gabriella and Dominic. If you are in the area, look me up.




Penny McLean-Nowinski

1309 Honeysuckle Drive 
Jacksonville, FL 32259

Graduated Pine Manor College (Chestnut Hill, MA) with BA in Biopsychology in 1992. Graduated University of Florida in 1995 with BS in Nursing. Married Jeff Nowinski (of Stamford, CT) October 12, 1996. Daughter, Elizabeth Jane Nowinski, born 2/20/02. Son, James Christopher Nowinski, born 7/7/03.

Since graduation from UF, have worked in clinical nursing, education, organizational development and hospital administration.


John Oliver Robertson

Tallahassee, FL 32303

Someplace Else Runaway Shelter

Got that degree from FSU in Creative Writing '93. Tried to live in every state, but only got WY, MT, OR, NY, and FL. I spent some time out of the country, in Barcelona, ESP and Sarajevo, BiH. I currently run a 16 bed shelter for homeless, runaway youth in the panhandle area. Its cool & keeps grown-up activities to a minimum. No kids, no wife, considering a cat...for now. I can't believe Sebring got the internet!



Edwin Carlo Rodriguez

U.S. Army

I Kick Butt.

I know a lot of you do not know who I am but, I know who I am, and my true friends know who I am. Edwin Rodriguez


April Smith-Valdesuso

9504 Twilight Court
Columbia, MD  21046-1954 
Baltimore City Public Schools (Western High School)

If you're in the area, look me up!


Litton Walker

P.O. Box 82
Sebring , Florida 33871 
Fax: 863-385-3506

Class of 1987

Hi guys,

I wanted to get an email address out to you shs1987reunion@hotmail.com

If you have addresses for any of our classmates, please send them to that hotmail address.

Thank you, Lisa Gay Elders



Brian Timothy Coulombe

Irvine, CA 92618


A Major Telecomm Company in So. CA.

The weather is here, wish you were great! (j/k!)

Email me!

Hi everyone.  I've been living in California for most of the last 10 years.  I haven't seen anyone
from High School since then and miss the whole lot of you!  I've been doing sales for a Software Consulting Service and I must say, I'm doing fine.  I spent 1987-1991 in the Marines, stationed at El Toro, CA.  After my enlistment I started getting into the consulting services business and have been doing that ever since.  When people ask me where I live, I tell them Irvine, CA....but when people ask me where my *home* is, I always say: "Sebring, FL."  I wish there was a need for what I do in Sebring, but unfortunately, this is the hot spot for software engineering.  I can not wait for the reunion this year so I can re-aquaint myself with my fellow classmates and catch up with each other on our lives since graduation.  See you soon.

Hope everyone is doing well. Life is GREAT in California. As much as I miss the good times in Sebring, I wouldn't leave California for ANYTHING. The career is going well and I even have a BAND now to boot! Can't wait for the next reunion. There's so much to share.



Nicole White-Davis

1526 Sunkist Ave
Sebring, FL 33870


I am a stay at home mom w/4 kids. Ages are Shelley 9, Sean and Nicholas 6, and Little Jake 21 months. My husband's name is Steve. It was wonderful to see everyone at the reunion. Hope to have a 15th. I would like to hear from people from '87.


Julie (Johnson) Barnett

 Sebring High School

I am a 1987 graduate and am now a Business Teacher here at SHS. I never thought I would be back here teaching. Oh well, I love it!!! 


Rick Allen Little

1711 Theon St.
Sebring, FL 33870

Clewiston High School


M. Leigh (Inman) Macdonald

1500 Ocean Bay Drive, #H12
Key Largo, Fl 33037

Law Student at University of Miami

fax: (305)451-5220

messages: I'm doing great.  Married to Brian, no kids yet.  I'll finish law school in May


Donna Dittmer-McGlinchey
Sebring, FL 33872

work - Sun 'n Lake Elementary
memo - http://www.sebringhigh school.com
messages - Life is great!! Married Troy on Valentines day 1988. Have 3 great kids ages 11,9,6 two girls the youngest is a boy. Hope everyone is doing well.


Robert William Payne

825 Sandoval dr.
Virginia Beach, VA 23454


USS Halyburton FFG-40


Barry Schnable

Wauchula FL, 33873

Live in Wauchula, FL married with two daughters-Work at Hardee County Sheriffs Office as a Captain.


Darlene Trott

Florida Department of Education


Allison White-Twigg

messages - Hello Everyone! My husband, Brad and I live in Birmingham, Alabama. We have two beautiful daughters named Meredith Claire (10-15-99) and Jane ("Janey") Kathryn (11-14-00). Up until this year I have been teaching music in public school. (three years as Choral Director at Sebring Middle School--and the carpet is still the same!) We moved back to B'ham and had our second child this past November. I am now a "stay at home MOM" for awhile. Two in diapers is quite time consuming!


Elizabeth Edwards

Las Vegas, NV 89108


My classmates knew me as Beth McLendon. I didn’t get to graduate from Sebring High because my father transferred to another city and I could not continue to Sebring High anymore. I was active in the band program for three years, two of them while Roger Nubern was the band director. I have been married for seven years come November 2, and have been blessed with a step-son, two natural children, both boys, and another one is on the way. I home school the older two boys; the schools here in Las Vegas are terrible! My husband is in the USAF and is stationed here at Nellis Air Force Base. We hope that he won’t be stationed here too much longer and hope to be transferred back to Florida sometime in the near future.

Class of 1986


1986 Class Reunion Letter

1986 Class Reunion Registration Form

Additional reunion information is available from Natalie Grubb.


Susan Hope Cribbs

115A East Park Street
Cary, NC 27511

Wavetek Wandel Goltermann

fax: (919) 941-9160

Love North Carolina

I'm working as a Compensation Manager in the High-Tech Industry -very fast paced and exciting. Always on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. I'm also the front "chick" for a Contemporary Christian Band - we're HRB and we're working on our first album due to be completed by Spring 2000!



Natalie Grubb

Lakeview Dr.
Sebring, FL  33872 
Carpet Depot and Sebring High School front office


Since graduation, I have two wonderful children, Courtney and Christopher. I work SHS and also for Carpet Depot, a business what I own with my husband Jay.


Delbert Roy Jones

2082 division Ave..
Boise, Idaho 83706

own Little Caesars Restaurant


am married have 2 lovely children and financially independent.



Troy L. Clincher

Sebring, FL 



Geoff Spakes

Boulder, Co.

Work- Architectural Consultant

Class of 1985


Brian A Arabinko



Jacqueline Caporino

15204 Glenmoor Drive
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

American Airlines


Billy Carlson


Stanley T. Epling II


Allyson Huber Fossenier

Bakersfield, CA 93312

Oracle Corp


Jay Alan Grubb

1905 S.E. Lakeview Drive
Sebring, FL 33870

Carpet Depot of Sebring

fax: 863-386-1038

My wife and I own and operate Carpet Depot of Sebring. We have two wonderful children.


Michelle Lynn McAdams

5120 Elpine Way
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33418

Owner of M &M Transcription, Inc.

Fax: 561-616-3786

President of M &M  transcription, Inc. - started 2 years ago now and now have 4 full-time employees and growing.


Randy Ralston

QMS, Inc.

Hey guys! Wish I could have hung around 2 more years for graduation. I guess it wasn't meant to be. But I'm alive and well working as a Network Engineer in Mobile, AL. Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.


Timothy Ray Waggoner

450 E Las Olas Ave
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33301


fax: 954-435-9901


Doug Waltz

1117 US 27 S.
Sebring, FL  33870


Walz & Company of Sebring

Class of 1984



Ce (Cecilia Yarbrough) Arabinko

306 Meehan ST
Fort Benning, GA 31905

Ronald Croft
7711 Coquina Way
St. Pete Beach, FL 33706

Law Offices of Ronald I. Croft, in St. Petersburg and Sebring

Fax: (813) 327-0056


Cathy  Hall  Godwin

I live in a tiny little town called Jay, it is located right outside of Pensacola.
I am a stay at home Mom for now.  I have been married for 12 years and have two little boys.
Zachary is 8 and Jackson is 2, they keep me very busy.  I visit Sebring from time to time, I
still have relatives living in Sebring.  Hope to hear from some of my old classmates.


Charlene Bryan Malloy


John Ryan

Class of 1983



Barbara Elizabeth (Spruill-maiden name) Gardiner

PO Box 378
Ghent, NY 12565

I am at home now, and beginning college again

so much..impossible to put into one line..smiles...but I am mother of three beautiful girls; I am intensely wanting to study art, music and all that is beautiful...

Continuing to learn and grow as a person...is the most important thing in the world to me...I still feel as if I am just beginning, smiles...I wish for every one of my friends..joy and fulfillment..and I would love to hear from anyone and everyone I knew....back then...especially Gail Carridy, David Schock, Wayne Boda..Sandy..and everyone in chorus with me, smile...And to John..my sincerest love and apologies...for the little rat I was sixteen years ago. With love...Babs..



Pamela Green

7700 Pine Glen Road
Sebring, FL  33870 City of Sebring

I graduated as Pamela A. Money in 1983.  Currently I am working for the City of Sebring.  I have two daughters Brittnee Renae Taylor-age 10, and Stephanie Brooke Taylor-age 6.  I recently remarried in January 1, 1998 to Bobby Joe Green from Frostproof.


Alice King Hammel


John Hanvey

PO Box 398
Wacissa, FL 32361


I am currently attending Tallassee Community College. I will graduate this fall and then continue at Florida State University. I work as a freelance journalist for several small papers in north FloDouglas


Douglas Bryant Holman

3320 Riverton Way
Stockton, Ca. 95219
Own a cabinet shop

Fax: (209) 478-2112

Hey guys, Living here in sunny California. I have two kids and a great wife. I am a born again Christain, and doing good. Now I know this is hard for some of you to believe but I really have changed for the better..... I have a custom cabinet shop and even serve as a deacon at my church. Now when you get up from the floor from laughing so hard e- mail me I would really like to hear from you.


James Kent McGuire

Americus, Ga.

I am married with two children, Riley age 12 and Lindley age 6. I work in engineering where I design and test sport boat prototypes. Our Motto: "Wide open sky, wide open water, wide open throttle."

Alan Veasey

San Diego, CA


Anyone wanted to catch up on lost time please write me.....it would be nice to hear from anyone....

Class of 1982



Scotty Bowers

551 Iris Street
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

Napa stock boy

Completely bald


Keith  E. Hollenberg

York, PA 17402

York First Church of the Brethren

Currently, I am Pastor of Special Ministries at the York First Church of the Brethren. I work with Junior High & Senior High Youth and with our Contemporary Worship Service. Music was a great love of mine in high school and still is. I write music, sing, play guitar, piano, and even occasionally still play the trombone. Would love to hear from some old friends.


Franz O'dell Rice

Wichita, KS


I've changed, but am still the same.


Chuck Schermerhorn


Automotive Management Placement

Still crazy, after all these years!

I did not invent Post-it notes.


Tamara Shelton Schiller

Master Sergeant Air Force Reserves

messages: Teacher Masters in Elementary Education married 16 years no children want to catch up with old friends


Gary Spakes



Jerry Lynn Watson

3611 Kenilworth Blvd.
Sebring, FL 33870

Village Inn

I'm still around and still kickin'

If you have a message, question, or whatever, please email me.

feel free to email me, with info on any reunions. or just send any messages, I'd be more than happy to hear from you.


Class of 1981



Day Molesworth Cleveland

13741 Arbuckle Creek Road
Sebring, FL 33870

Pyro Display Co., Inc.



Vickie Clark Duboice

P.O. BOX 2023
Sebring, Florida 33871


Sebring Animal Hospital


Jerry Lee Freeman


Tracy Palmer Green

4730 Grand Concourse
Sebring, FL 33872

Still married to Perry Green. I have one son , Heathe, who is a student a SHS. I am employed by the Highlands Co. School Board. Best Wishes to all.


Walter Kenneth Green

12464 Ardwick Lane.
St. Louis, MO 63146


The Never Never Land Gang Lives

Hey Barbie, Hilda, Cheryl, Eric, Kurt, and always Dan Walker....miss you all and hope to hear from you some time soon. Take Care.....Best Regards Wally

Cheryl Livingston McCurdy
Lebanon, IN 46052


Shayne Devereaux Morris

513 E. Center Ave.
Sebring, FL 33870 Camper Village

I work on jet engines as well as cars now.


Kurt Vincent Walker

psc 41 Box 3656 Apo Ae 09464

England U.K AYA Sport ASST.

Still alive and kicking

I'm still singing, Have two boys Vincent Kurt Jr 12 yrs Jordan Taylor 6 yr and another one on the way in March 99 little girl. Married to a lovely lady name Isaura she in the Air Force we have been around the world a little

Class of 1980



Shari Smith Bowers

Sebring High School



Jeff Chambliss

1132 Quincula Terr.
Sebring, FL 33872



Leslie R. Long

Longwood (Orlando), FL

Kautter Management Group

fax: 407.774.6440

Married 18 yrs. - Now divorced. 3 children - 17, 15, 7

I'm thinking about coming to the reunion even though I am not "technically" a Sebring Grad since we moved my Senior year. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Where did the time go?



Jennifer Smith Payne

338 NW Lakeview Dr.
Sebring, FL 33870
 R.J. Reynolds Tobacco

Fax: 863-314-9612

Class of 1979



Sharon Dukes DeCant

1753 Edgestone CT
Virginia Beach, VA 23456 
United States Navy

Fax: 757-836-7167


Lance E. DuVall

212 Nature Lane
Sebring, FL 33872
Highlands County Emergency Medical Services

Still here in Sebring.

Contact me ref. 20 yr. Class Reunion. Attempting to contact fellow "79" Grads.. If you can assist in this search please let me know. "GO BLUE STREAKS!"


John K. Payne

338 NW Lakeview Dr.
Sebring, FL 33870 
Payne Seed Company

fax: 941-314-9612


Tempest Swenson

I am married with two grown sons and one teenage daughter. I live in the Washington State and I am a Special Education Instructor.

Class of 1978


Darrel Chinn
1630 S.E. Lakeview Dr.
Sebring, FL 33870

work - USPS
memo - Still in this place
messages - Hey to everyone in the class of 78'. I still lesson to KC and the Sunshine Band all the time, and Disco..Wow! Get in touch, and chat bout ol'times eh!


Charles Decker

306 Meehan St.
Ft. Benning, GA 31905
US Army

I joined the Army in 1981 and found that it's a great way of life. I'm currently currently stationed at Ft. Benning, GA. I've been traveling a lot so I fell out of touch with my old friends. I've been stationed in Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Germany-7Yrs, Korea-1Yr, North Carolina, and Colorado. I will be leaving for Kuwait on Dec 15, 1997. I will retire from the Army in three years and look forward to returning to Sebring.



Patricia Ann Mooney


Haywood Community College

fax: 707-982-1051

I am going to college again, and have 3 children

Hi to everyone. If you are from the class of '78, get in touch.


Teresa Ann Polston

Winter Haven, FL

Self Employed

Class of 1977


Richard J. Catarelli

P.O. BOX 802
Sebring, FL.33871 


Messages- Its been over 20 years, 1/5 of a century, 2 decades, one score, a really long time.  Sorry if I don't remember you, my memory isn't what it used to be.  Did I take my Geritol?  Where's my cat? Oh, I don't have a cat.  If you see me around just remind me who you are and who I am and maybe I'll recall a much better place and time.  It must have been better. I think!  I don't know.  It must have been better than this.  Oh yeah!  I remember you, you haven't changed a bit.  Still lookn' good.  See you at the races, I think.....................


Allen C. Altvater, III



I'm a 1977 Sebring High School Alumni ! 

Phone: 863-465-1720

Fax:  863-655-1324


Kellie (Hill) Duke

1494 N. Oak Park Ave.
Avon Park, FL 33825 
Max Duke Insurance


The CLASS OF 1977 is busy planning our 20 year reunion which will be held on July 12, 1997. Just want to say that I have got some great memories of SHS! My most favorite memory is Homecoming 1976 when my best friend, Stephanie Taylor Davis, crowned me Homecoming Queen. We sure did have a great football team that year! I am living in Avon Park, (yes, Red Devil country), with my husband, Max, and our 3 great kids: Kayley, Age 11, Garrett, Age 9, and Buddy 6. Hope to see all of my classmates at our reunion!

SPECIAL GRADUATION WISHES TO THE CLASSES OF 1997 -1998 and these graduates:

Stacy Tolar, Jason Vonmerveldt, Traci Pollard, Bo Brooker, Blue Coltharp, Eric McGuire, and many others. I was their second grade teacher.


Lewis Day

Jamaica Plain, MA

Harvard University

Sorry to have missed the 20th (that sounds *old*). A 25th would be great (and enough lead time!).



Patrick Anthony Thomas

5502 Summer Fest Dr
San Antonio, TX 78244



Still Going Strong

1977 was a good year, It was the year we all graduated. I haven't heard from anyone sence I joined the Military for the exception of Donald O'Connel "DOC". It would be nice to hear from others I hung around with in school. Looking forward to hearing from Anyone.

Class of 1976


We have been unable to locate 51 out of the 212 class members. We hope that relatives or friends of our classmates will see a name and be willing to forward their e-mail, phone #'s and/or addresses to us? They may send the information to me, Pat Hollenberg, 4275 Cremona Drive, Sebring, FL 33872-1719, (863) 446-6646, or email to hollenbp@highlands.k12.fl.us


Peter Asciutto



Jimmie Dean Riley
13207 S. 21st Street
Bellevue, NE 68123

work - US Air Force
memo - Remarried and about to retire
messages - I'm wondering if we're having a reunion this summer (25th). I'm remarried, about to have a baby, and I have 3 kids, all girls. Contact me.


Patrick L. Mason

4340 Wimbleton Ct., Apt A
South Bend, Indiana 46637 
University of Notre Dame

Fax: 219-631-7659

Just curious about the rest of the class of '76.



Jimmie Dean Riley

13207 S. 21st Street
Bellevue, NE 68123


Living and working in Nebraska. Boy do I miss the warm weather!!

Retiring from the Air Force in 2003. Looking forward to returning to the south. Warm winters.....

E-mail me and let's keep in touch.



Robin Sanders

1437 Stenewahee Ave
Sebring, FL 33870

Florida hospital heartland emergency dept.


Class of 1975



Thomas H. Gould

930 E. Lake Dr.
Lake Placid, FL 33852

Supervisor at Hickory Branch Citrus Nursery

Married, 2 kids, 2 Grandkids

Would like to hear from some classmates or alumni that was at SHS when I was 1972-1979 graduates. Would enjoy hearing what's going on with others after all these years. If you e-mail me I'll e-mail you back.



Rebecca Pollard Hernandez

Ocoee, Fl 34761

Bank First



Timothy Murphy

6414 Foster Rd.
Sebring, FL 33872

Sebring High School

I am a second year teacher here at SHS, after leaving the US Navy. Any members of the class of 75, send me a line.


Mason Whidden

519 Taseschee Drive
Sebring, FL 33870

Highlands County School Board



Steven Stanley Wyman

Plant City, FL 33567

Plant City Lock and Key

fax: 813-752-2650


Class of 1974



Marcia Stone Percy

5021 Lancer Drive
Sebring, FL 33870

Highlands County School Board

fax: (863) 382-6466


Class of 1973



A website is available with information about the 30th reunion.  www.strato.net/~class73 or email:  shcco73@yahoo.com

Class of 1972



P. H. Skipper


Marcia Hamlin House

1429 SE Lakeview Dr.
Sebring, FL  33870
 Avon Park High School



Mary Douglass Holmes

1230 Lake Lotela Drive
Avon Park, Fl 33825

Class of 1971



Kenneth Wayne Denk

Gainesville,  Florida


Randi Bassitt Davidson

Rt. 4, Box 11
Branford, FL 32008

Florida Sheriff's Boy's Ranch in Live Oak, Florida

Hey everyone, How the years have flown by. I am teaching algebra, geometry, and all math to middle and high school boys at the Florida Sheriff's Boy's Ranch. The years seem to fly by and I really enjoy working with these boys. I am hoping that there will be a reunion next year and that I will be able to go and see a lot of friends from the past. Email me and let me know how you are doing.



Claudia Williams Ewing

PO Box 7001
Lawton, OK 73506

State Farm Insurance

As of the end of June, 2000 I will be a Licensed Local Pastor in the United Methodist Church. 

I've been married to the same great guy for almost 25 years now. My daughter, Laura, graduated from college May, 2000. My oldest son Michael will graduate in May, 2001 and the youngest, William, will be May, 2002. Three great kids, never any problems, I've been blessed. Besides living in Texas and Oklahoma after leaving Florida, I have also lived in Germany and Italy. It's been an interesting life.



Michele Percy

1924 Eastview St.
Sebring, FL 33870

Restoration Center of Highlands County

STILL in town after all these years! Our MAJOR objective is to win the lost for Jesus Christ. By ministering to the body we have a doorway into their soul. It's great fun, one you will NEVER forget. Write or call me, I'd LOVE to hear from you!


Class of 1970



James Mercer Davis

1800 Locust Street, NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33704

DML Property Consultants,Inc.

fax: (727) 669-6525

I hope everyone is doing good and look forward to seeing you all at the next reunion.



Libby Kahn Helseth


Class of 1969



David Masters

P. O. Box 1935
Montrose, CO 81402 
Mathis & Masters, L.L.C.

Fax: 970-249-2546

Still having fun!

Married, 1978, Leadville, Colorado. To Missoula, Montana, 1981, to complete education (finally).

First child born 1983 (during first week of law school), second child born 1988 (the end). To Montrose, Colorado, 1986, to live happily ever after practicing law full time, teaching (college level part-time, running, cycling and climbing as time permits.


David Hamlin

477 N.W. 99th Way
Coral Springs FL 33071 
Centex Rooney

(954) 489-7236

Fax: (954) 776-5178

Married for 25 years to Paula and we have two children Brent (22) and Wendy (17).

Class of 1967



Priscilla Aaron

Class of 1966



David Finley

1202 Avenida Ladera
Socorro, NM 87801 
David's Home Page http://www.sdc.org/~finley

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Married, two children, Andrew (born 1985) and Elizabeth (born 1990)

Enjoying small-town life in Socorro, New Mexico. Ironically, the High School here is another SHS and the colors are blue and white—I feel right at home! I keep busy with Amateur Radio (N1IRZ), astronomy and the Chamber of Commerce (past president). I’d love to hear from anyone who was at SHS back in the "good old days."

Class of 1965



Patricia Polk Burt

231 Mini Ranch Road
Sebring, FL 33870-9471

Woodlawn Elementary School


Class of 1962



Hal Bass

Bentonville, AR

I have been married to Linda for 20 years. I am a Public Safety Officer At North West Arkansas Community College.


Barbara Lowery Dean

4875 Sparta Rd.
Sebring, FL 33872 

I have retired from SHS and am enjoying my grandchildren.


Frank Lockwood

P.O. Box 11325
Richmond, VA 23230


Class of 1961


Class of 1961 website


Webmaster: Bob Rainey

Class of 1960



Sylvia Belcher Beeks


Patricia Dunn Perry 

1960 HWY 173

UF/Holmes Co Cooperative Extension Service

University of FL/Holmes Co Extension

Proud to be SHS grad! Go "BLUE STREAKS"


Howard Donald Wilkerson

greetings from Don Wilkerson

Reunion of many classes from the 50's. The event will be on November 3, 4, and brunch on the 5th.

For information for this, call Hugh Wallace at (407) 841-2157 or email at hughjo@KuixNet.net

Class of 1955



Gail Payne

4012 Lewis Avenue
Sebring, Fl 33872 
Highlands County School Board, Personnel Department

fax: 863-471-5673

Still alive and kicking.



Janice Martha (Sircy) Snyder

2744 Suncrest Drive
Sarasota, FL 34239

Clerk of Circuit Court

I would have graduated with the class of 55 but moved to Sarasota, Florida. Graduated from Sarasota High School in l955. Would love to find out about a class reunion so that I may attend.


Class of 1947



 Rudolph Wilkerson