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Welcome to the Pinnacle Internet Viewer!
Please read before proceeding!

This is merely meant to be a tool for communication and not an absolute "etched in stone" grade or attendance report, things change on a daily basis.

If you have any questions regarding grades or attendance, please call the teacher FIRST! He/she is the first contact regarding what is in the grade book.

If you write a note to excuse an absence, this may not show up on the Pinnacle Viewer for up to 2 days beyond the absence.
Please be patient and check back before becoming alarmed.

Grading Scheme
Blank Grade has not been entered. Gradebook treats a blank as excused.
X Excused entered by teacher.
Z Non-Working zero entered by teacher. Used if student fails to complete or turn in assignment. Calculates like a numeric 0.
0 Zero entered by teacher. Used if student earns a 0 on an assignment. May also be used instead of Z.

School Attendance codes are considered as:

AU Unexcused Absence
AE Excuses Absence
School Related Absence
 Exam Exempt
TU Unexcused Tardy
TE Excused Tardy
OSS Out of School Suspension
-In School Services
Checked Out Excused
Checked Out Unexcused



Alternating schedule requires our students to be on alternating days A & B with 90 min classes: 

Alternating classes are classes that will occur every other day and ones students have all year long.

Everyday classes are classes that will occur every day and ones students have for only half the year.

To access the information, you will need:

The Student ID is also known as the student number (this number is printed on the student's schedule)

The Pin Code is the student's date of birth - this will be typed as month, day  and year (no spaces, slashes, dashes, or commas) - for example, if the student's birthday is February 5, 1982, it would be typed in as 020582. 

Make sure that you choose the correct type of classes: and Lake Placid High School from the drop down menu.

As you access the information, you will notice several things:

  1. The student is not identified by name on the screen or reports (this is for privacy protection)

  2. You can access different reports, including missing assignments, class grades, and discipline reports.


Welcome to the Pinnacle Internet Viewer.

This application allows you to view your student's grades and attendance in a real-time atmosphere. By using your student's id number and the password assigned by your school district, you will be able to view your student's current information as well as information from previous marking periods.

Log-in here: Grade Viewer

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