Alphabetic Principle and Phonics


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Phonics...Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

You may remember, when you were a youngster, working in your phonics workbook. It had pages and pages of letters and pictures. You had to match the picture with the correct letter and write the letters in the word on the line provided!
Phonics is the relationship of letters to the sounds of spoken language. It is how speech sounds are represented in print. Learning the phonics rules helps children spell words when they go to write them. It helps them to decode new, unfamiliar words when they read.
Are you getting confused? You may be asking yourself, "What is the difference between phonemic awareness and phonics?" Think of it this way:

       Phonemic awareness                         Phonics is the association
   involves what the student hears.         of sound to the written symbol.

Sites to visit for alphabetic principle/phonics activities!

Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (C-V-C)

Magic Pencil

The magic pencil writes a word and the child fills in the missing letters. Worksheets can be printed for children to use.

The Whirlyword Machine

This game provides practice with rhyme, spelling patterns, blending sounds to read CVC words, and nonsense words.

Print and Do

A variety of activities are available to print and play. Games include the Soundcatcher game, a memory game, poetry writing, and other worksheets.

Clifford's Make a Word

Clifford, the big red dog, is a favorite of children. Children drag the vowel between given consonants to make new words.

Consonant Clusters


This interactive game allows children to make words by choosing a start sound (onset) and an end sound (rime). The word blender will tell them if they are correct or not. There are 3 levels of difficulty.

Print and Do

Activity sheets, Make a Scrapbook, Write Your Own Poem, Cluster Buster, and The Pyramid Game are all activities designed to work on a variety of consonant clusters.

Phonics and Word Study
Student Activity Center

Students in grades pre-K through 6 can show what they know using their knowledge of letters, sounds, and words to play games and activities on this site.

Magic Pencil

More activities and worksheets to
practice a variety of consonant clusters.

Long Vowel Sounds Practice

Poem Pack

These ten colorful, animated poems deal with a different long vowel sound. The child picks a vowel pair and a poem loads. They have a choice to Hear It, Read It, Sound Search, Find the Word, or Print It. Highly interactive and fun!

Snap It

This game provides practice with long vowel sounds and vowel pairs. Children can match phonemes to words or match missing phonemes in words. They can control a timer to try to beat the clock!

Drag and Spell

Children drag the vowels to finish the words before the time runs out! Timing can be adjusting by moving a slider.

Sandcastle Quiz

This game provides practice in recognizing the common alternative spelling choices the several vowel phonemes.

Print and Do

Children can make their own scrapbook of words and collect a different page each week! Slither your way round Jake the snake or try your luck at domino sounds and silly sentences!

Write a Postcard

The child works with a variety of vowel phonemes to complete messages in the postcard that they choose.  They have to click on the words that have the identified sound and also drag the phonemes into words. Feedback is immediate.

Other Great Places to Visit

Recognize and identify
letters of the alphabet

Letter-Sound Correspondence

Consonant Sounds

Vowel Sounds

Letter-Sound Relationships

Sounds that Make Up Words

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