Center Rotation Charts

Mrs. Propst has created this center rotation to accommodate her student's present needs. Group member's names are displayed in the same color as their group above the chart.
Student can easily keep track of which group they are in for guided reading. This helps when group membership is flexible and changing.  This 3rd grade center chart is perfect for the beginning of the year. It provides students with a quick check as to where they will go next.

Center Rules posted  beside the rotation chart remind students how to act at the centers. Copy and paste picture into Word to read the rules.

This center rotation chart can easily be changed by switching out center activity cards attached by Velcro.


This beginning 1st grade center rotation chart can easily be changed by moving the group number. The Picture at the bottom provides visual clues for non-readers. Pink card=teacher, Orange card=Center, and Blue card=Reading at Seat  


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