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Retirement Information

Contact Jeanette Fergerson - (863) 471-5734




Employees are eligible for full retirement benefits when:


If initially enrolled in the Florida Retirement System (FRS) before July 1, 2011 -

  • You are vested (6 years of creditable service) and reach age 62; or
  • You have at least 30 years of creditable service, regardless of your age before age 62; or
  • The age after 62 when you become vested

If initially enrolled in the FRS on or after July 1, 2011 -

  • You are vested (8 years of creditable service) and reach age 65; or
  • You have at least 33 years of creditable service, regardless of your age before age 65; or
  • The age after 65 when you become vested

If you are vested but have not yet reached your normal retirement date, you may elect to take early retirement. If you do, the amount of your benefit will be reduced by 5% for each year between your age at retirement and your normal retirement age.


FRS will accept retirement applications up to six months before the actual retirement date of an employee. Retirement applications are available in Human Resources, Recruitment and Professional Development (HRRPD) or online at  Completed forms must be returned to HR for an authorized signature.


Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS)


Retirees are eligible for a monthly supplemental payment to help pay for insurance. The amount of the health insurance subsidy (HIS) is based on your service credit at retirement ($5.00 for each year of service) and is included with your monthly benefit payment. The minimum monthly subsidy is $30.00 and the maximum subsidy is $150.00.


Employees have the option of continuing health, dental and/or vision insurance through The School Board of Highlands County after retirement. For all insurance information, contact our Insurance Department.


Sick Leave/Terminal Pay


Accumulated sick leave is covered under School Board Policy 6.912 and is handled through our Payroll Department.


Forfeiture Reminder


If you are planning to retire, click here to view the FRS Reemployment Tables to determine Termination, Reemployment, and Renewed Membership eligibility.
Current employees of The School Board of Highlands County may check their individual retirement history at: . You will be instructed on setting up your online account.


Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)


Click here to view the DROP & Retirement Handbook

For further information, please contact HRRPD at (863) 471-5734.



  • If you are within 6 months of your DROP begin date contact Jeanette in HRRPD (863) 471-5734.
  • A DROP packet will be sent to you via courier.
  • Once the DROP packet is complete, return it to Jeanette or call for an appointment if you need assistance with any of the forms. (FRS will require a copy of your birth certificate which is not kept in your personnel file).
  • The completed original packet will be mailed directly to FRS, a copy will be kept in Human Resources and a copy will be sent to the DROP participant.


If you wish to terminate your DROP at any time, please contact Jeanette with the exact date of your DROP termination. You will be advised at that time how to proceed.





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