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Responsibilities of the Purchasing Department include involvement in formulating rules and policies as they relate to the procurement of goods and services used in the day-to-day process of educating students in Highlands County and procurement of goods and services used in the construction, maintenance, or renovation of facilities. The department also has the responsibility to institute procedures for implementation of purchasing related to the rules and policies of the School Board of Highlands County.

The department seeks to provide the best goods and services available at the lowest cost, which may involve the formal or informal bidding process or taking advantage of State or other public entity contracts. If this is the case, the department has the responsibility to administer the bidding process in accordance with the State Statutes and rules of the School Board of Highlands County and to issue the Request for Bid Proposal to qualified vendors, evaluating proposals received and ultimately submitting a recommendation to the Superintendent for action. The department receives and processes all school board purchase order requests necessary for the ordering of goods and services.

The department is also involved in the accounting for capital expenditures and construction projects. Additional responsibilities include maintenance of the fifteen million dollar School Board of Highlands County tangible personal property database and the annual physical inventory in accordance with State Statutes and School Board rules as they relate to the tangible personal property items assigned to various schools and departments in the Highlands County Public School System.

The property records section of the purchasing department is responsible for the movement and accounting process for approximately nineteen million in tangible personal property owned by the School Board. For each purchase of tangible personal property costing more than $750 per item , the property records clerk inputs all information regarding the purchase into our main frame (CIMS) data base. In addition, each school year a physical inventory of all tangible personal property is conducted for each school site and each department within the school system. The physical inventory process includes reconciling any differences between the property records database and the actual physical inventory. The property records clerk is responsible for the control and recording of movement of items from one school or department to another. The property records clerk also in involved with the disposition of tangible personal property that has become obsolete or is deemed to be surplus property. The disposition usually involves selling the tangible personal property at public auction.


Purchasing Office
   Coordinator    Vacant
   Clerk III    Vacant
   Receptionist    Shirley Little
Property Records
   Clerk IV    Michael Floyd
District Office Custodial
   Plant Operator    Vacant
   Custodian II    Vacant
   Custodian II    Vacant


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