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Records Disposal/Retention


The M.I.S./R.& D. Department is in the process of imaging all inactive student records. Some of the records have been stored since the early 1920s. Electronic student record maintenance began in the 1991-92 school year. In compliance with the Records Retention Management Plan set by the State of Florida, all Category A records have a permanent retention requirement.

Category A includes pupil's or student's full legal name; authenticated birth date, place of birth, race and sex; social security number; last known address of the pupil or student; name of the pupil's or student's parent or legal guardian; name and location of last school attended; number of days present and absent, date enrolled and date withdrawn; courses taken and record of achievement, such as grades, units, or certification of competence, date of graduation or date of program completion; immunization status, including vaccination status and dates; and all agreements: to expunge, delete or correct a student record.

With the assistance of the best technology and equipment available: computer, scanner, juke box & optical disks, the Records Analyst scans the records and indexes them for quick, easy retrieval.

During the summer of 1998 we began scanning all of the inactive personnel records: those with 25-year and /or 50-year retention. Prior to the new imaging S.B.H.C. sent these records out to have them put on microfiche. All of the employee's records scanned are either F. R. S. (Florida Retirement System) or T. R. S. (Non-Florida Retirement System) and more records continue to be added on a yearly basis.


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