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SBHC Network Certificates - WINDOWS


For Windows Computers that are not owned by Highlands County Schools, you will want to install the certificate in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. When you install the certificate for Chrome, it will also install the certificate for Internet Explorer. You would only need to install the certificate if you are using a Windows computer on the SBHC wireless. This will not affect computers that you use at home or that do not connect to the Highlands County Schools network.


Mozilla Firefox Fix


Open Mozilla Firefox and type in the address bar.



When you get the following message, click on the three check boxes and select OK.



Chrome/Internet Explorer Fix



Open Chrome browser and type in the address bar.



At the bottom of Chrome it will download the byod.crt file.



Click on the certificate to open it. Click on the "Install Certificate" button.



Click on the "Next" button.



Click the radio button next to "Place all certificates in the following store" and then click the "Browse.." button.



Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and select "OK"



Click on the "Next" button.



You should see the following and then click on the "Finish" button.



You will get a Security Warning. Click on the "Yes" to install the certificate.



Close Chrome and re-open it to start browsing the Internet.



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