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SBHC Network Certificates - CHROMEBOOKS


Due to changes in Internet Filtering, we need you to install a certificate on personal computers that are connected to the Highlands County School network, so that you can browse the Internet properly.


Install SBHC Certificates on Chromebooks

1. Go to to download the certificate.

2. Open the Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/certificates into the address bar.



3. Inside the Certificate Manager go to the Authorities tab and click on the "Import..." button at the bottom of the manager.



4. Select Google Drive or Downloads to find the certificate file.


IMPORTANT: If the file does not show up in either list change the file type filter at the bottom of the page to "All files" and search again.


5. Select the certificate file and click on the Open button.


6. Check all three check boxes and select OK button.



7. Close out Chrome windows and you are ready to browse on the School Board of Highlands County network.



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