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Safety Training


Click here to complete Safety Training Courses


Download or print the Safety Training Handbook


Print the Safety Training Statement of Understanding


Easy & Convenient   To complete safety training courses:
  • Complete courses from any computer with internet access

  • Earn In-service points by completing training modules

  • Each course varies in length.  Once you have completed four hours print your certificates and turn them in to your site secretary

  • Completion of two courses per school year is recommended
    (Ignore course expiration dates)

  • No limit on number of courses taken

  • Call 471-5752 if tech support is needed
  1. Log into the Safety Training website

  2. Enter your username (9 digit employee ID)

  3. Select any one of the listed, training courses, click on the disclaimers accept button

  4. Click on "Tutorial"

  5. Upon completion of the tutorial, take the required "Quiz"

  6. Print out your certificate and hold until you have accumulated 4 hours of training


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