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Florida teachers must hold a valid Florida teaching certificate. Although Florida participates in the interstate agreement on Qualification of Educational Personnel with a number of states, a certificate from another state does not guarantee the same certification coverage in Florida, particularly in the area of Exceptional Student Education.


Application must be made through the Department of Human Resources, Recruitment and Professional Development. The cost for application for certification is $75.00.


It is the personal responsibility of each teacher to apply for his/her certificate, making sure to supply all information requested, and keep the certificate valid


Application Process for Florida Certification
  1. Complete an application for teacher certification (Form CG-10) and submit payment of $75.00 payable to the Florida Department of Education prior to employment. Official transcripts of all college credits and degrees must be submitted either directly to HRRPD or FDOE. An official transcript has the seal of the institution impressed on at least one page. A photocopy of the seal is unacceptable. If you do not have an official transcript, it is recommended that you request that the institution send them directly to HRRPD.

  2. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must provide documentation that you have been legally admitted to the United States and that your immigration status does not restrict you from seeking employment.

  3. It may take up to eight (8) weeks for you to receive a "Statement of Status of Eligibility." The "Statement of Status of Eligibility" will indicate the type of certificate for which you are eligible, the subject area(s) and level(s) for which you qualify, and any additional work you will have to complete in order to receive a three-year nonrenewable temporary or five year professional certificate.




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