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Bo Birt





Richard "Bo" Birt



The Finance Office is responsible for processing all financial transactions of the school district. Additional responsibilities include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, investments, data operations, budget development, telephones, and risk management.

For information, please contact the Finance Department at (863) 471-5664






  Richard Birt


  Accounting Manager


  Anjelica Ramos Tinajero




 Stephanie Hanks


  Secretary III


 Linette Green


  Clerk IV - Insurance & Benefits


  Karen Lepera


  Clerk III - Insurance & Benefits


  Tammy Mortensen


  Blue Cross Blue Shield On-Site Representative


  Melissa Horton


  Clerk IV - Accounts Payable


  Arlene Brady


  Clerk IV - Accounts Payable


  Tracy Palmer


  Clerk IV - Payroll


  Jessie O'Berry


  Clerk V - Payroll


  Marcia Percy


  Clerk IV - Payroll


  Tammy Williams


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