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Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students is Florida's official statewide student advising website. Funded by the Florida Legislature in 1998, assists high school students, college students, teachers, counselors, and parents in n planning for and tracking a student's educational progress in Florida. is a collaborative project from the Florida Department of Education and is administered by the Florida Center for Advising and Academic Support (FCAAS) with offices in Tampa and Tallahassee. The website was launched in March 2000. Users can:

  • Access their interests and skills
  • Choose a career
  • Plan high school coursework
  • Discover ways to earn college credit in high school
  • View their high school course history and grades online
  • Evaluate their high school transcripts for Bright Futures Scholarships eligibility
  • Admission requirements for state universities online
  • Investigate 200+ colleges and 600+ degrees in Florida
  • Find out which colleges offer certain degrees
  • Learn what higher ed options are available
  • Apply online for college admissions and financial aid
  • Know what classes to take in college
  • Get college transcripts and grades online
  • Audit college transcripts against degree requirements
  • Access official student advising documents


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