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The School Board of Highlands County provides eight secondary school sites for the 5800+ students it serves. There are four middle schools and three high schools. The secondary curriculum department provides technical assistance and support for all 6-12 educational programs to principals, teachers, staff, students, and parents.


All secondary schools in Highlands County are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Several approaches to instruction are utilized throughout the district secondary schools.


A very favorable rapport exists between teachers, staff, administrators, students, parents, and the community in all secondary schools. School improvement activities are on-going in an effort to improve the educational opportunities for the students of Highlands County. The School Board of Highlands County and taxpayers of the county are to be commended for providing excellent secondary school facilities which fosters an environment conducive to educational learning.


In addition to secondary issues the following programs fall under the umbrella of Secondary Programs.

  • Secondary Curriculum
  • Secondary Programs
  • S.A.C.S. Accreditation Process
  • Student Progression Plan
  • Driver Education *
  • School-to-Work
  • Career and Technical Education
    • Highlands Career Institute
    • Perkins Grant
    • Industry Certifications
  • AVID
  • Florida Virtual School/My District Virtual School
  • Advanced Academics
    • Advanced Placement
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Dual Enrollment
  • 21st Century Grant
  • Home Education
  • District Textbook Adoption
  • Summer School
  • Credit Recovery

* The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has launched an online initiative called "Teens Take the Wheel". This Web site is geared toward teenage drivers, and the information on the site includes "scared straight" tactics as well as other information communicated in a way that will appeal to teens. It also includes an online survey where teens can answer questions that help them rate their safe driving practices. To view this Web site, please visit


For more information, contact Jessica Thayer at


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