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Jennifer Westergom




Jennifer Westergom

Mathematics Curriculum Specialist K-12

(863) 471-5610

Job Description

  • Provide training, resources and service to:
    • K-12 Math teachers
    • School administrators

  • Support the PDCA model of continuous improvement for all schools in Highlands county in order to align the intended, taught and tested SSS based curriculum in Mathematics classrooms.

  • Facilitate the implementation of Common Core Standards in mathematics,

  • Facilitate the development of grade level indicators for grades K-5 in the area of mathematics and provide training.

  • Available to model, mentor, and provide assistance to mathematics teachers in the areas of effective classroom instruction, curriculum mapping, lesson planning, and strategies in the content area.

  • Observe mathematics teachers in order to collect best practices in teaching math at all levels. Facilitate workshops designed to make available those best practices for teachers.

  • Assist the school-based mathematics leadership/grade level teams as a resource in order to promote data driven decision making.

  • Provide support and assistance to mathematics teachers and administrators in the areas of creating a community of learners, articulating curriculum content and implementing high yield instructional strategies.

  • Facilitate textbook adoption and implementation process for mathematics and provide training to teachers.


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