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Tina Starling



Language Arts/English/ Reading/Writing

Tina Starling

Reading Curriculum Specialist

(863) 471-5651

Job Description:

  • Provide training, resources and service to:
    • K-12 Reading teachers
    • K-12 Language Arts teachers
    • K-12 English teachers
    • K-12 Literacy Curriculum resource teachers
    • K-12 Content area teachers
    • School administrators

  • Support the PDCA model of continuous improvement for all schools in Highlands County in order to align the intended, taught and tested LAFS based curriculum in reading, English and language arts classrooms.

  • Facilitate the development of grade level indicators for grades K-8 in the area of writing and provide training.

  • Available to model, mentor, and provide assistance to reading and content area teachers in the areas of effective classroom instruction, macro-planning, lesson planning, and reading strategies in the content area.

  • Observe reading and content area teachers in order to collect best practices in teaching reading at all levels. Facilitate workshops designed to make available those best practices for teachers.

  • Assist the school-based reading leadership teams as a resource in order to promote data driven decision making.

  • Provide support and assistance to literacy curriculum resource teachers, RLT staff and administrators in the areas of creating a community of learners, articulating curriculum content and implementing high yield instructional strategies.

  • Facilitate the development of grade level indicators for grades K-5 English Language Arts.

  • Facilitate textbook adoption process for reading and English/Language Arts.


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