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Deborah Wood, Resource Teacher (863) 471-5547
Laura Rose, Clerk (863) 471-5546

The School Board of Highlands County Federal Programs implements the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), NCLB and all Title grants. In 2012 Florida received a flexibility waiver from certain NCLB requirements.


Complaint Procedures for NCLB-Section 9305 (a)(3)(C) P.L.107-110
Individuals filing complaints must include the following written information:

  • The name of the school, campus or school employee alleged to have violated a specific federal requirement.
  • The specific requirement you believe is violated.
  • The actions, facts and documentation on which you base your complaint.
  • Documentation of the efforts to resolve the complaint through the local parent complaint process.
  • The resolution you expect.

Written complaints are accepted by mail, fax, e-mail or in person. The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) must be able to verify the complainant’s name, phone number and address in order to acknowledge receipt of the complaint. FDOE will not be able to appropriately respond to the complaint without contact information.

Send complaints to:

      Melvin Herring
      Program Director, Bureau of Federal Programs
      Florida Department of Education
      325 West Gaines Street, Room 514
      Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400
      Tel: 850-245-0479

Title 1 Schools 2016 - 2017

      Avon Elementary

      Avon Park High

      Avon Park Middle

      Cracker Trail Elementary

      Fred Wild Elementary

      The Kindergarten Learning Center

      Lake Country Elementary

      Lake Placid Elementary

      Lake Placid Middle

      Memorial Elementary

      Park Elementary

      Sun ‘N Lake Elementary

      Woodlawn Elementary


    Title I, Part A: will provide funds to all Title 1 schools, in a school wide project format, to target academic assistance to all students, professional development for teachers and administrators, equitable share for private schools, parent involvement activities, and a homeless set aside. Title 1A is for improving the academic achievement of the disadvantaged. (See list above of Title 1 schools).

    Parental Involvement Plan 2016-17

    Parental Involvement Plan 2015-16
    Parental Involvement Plan 2014-15
    Parental Involvement Plan 2013-14
    Parental Involvement Plan 2012-13

    School Public Accountability Reports, (SPAR)

  • Title I, Part A, School Improvement Grant (SIG 1003a): provides supplemental support to the schools who are Focus (D) or Priority (F) Schools from the 2013-14 school year. This grant can be used for improving student achievement. Our two schools, FWE and LPMS, will use this money for professional development with teachers to improve student achievement. These two schools are FOCUS schools, and the grant will be distributed equally among the two.

  • Title I, Part C: Migrants- Provides services to migrant students (PreK-12th grade) and their families. The primary goal of the Migrant program is to improve academic performance of migrant students, and provide health and guidance services to them. The Migrant Early Childhood Program serves 4 year old children in a full time preschool program, focusing on readiness activities. Parent involvement and education is an integral part of the Migrant Program.  The Migrant Program also provides an enrichment reading summer school to K-5 students.
  • Title II Part A: Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund –provides for teacher and administrator professional development and supports all teachers and paras to be highly qualified. It supports Content Area Specialists and Technology Resource Teachers who provide professional development in schools and at the district office.

  • Title III: English Language Acquisition- Supports activities to assist students become proficient in English, supports teacher professional development in E.L.L. strategies and parent involvement and education.

  • Title IX,Part C Education of Homeless children and Youth Project- funds a Homeless Advocate who will provide help to our 461 homeless students; advocate will also contact all homeless students’ families and do an educational needs assessment on them;  supplies for homeless students;  emergency items needed to enroll children in school-physicals, helping to get birth certificates and uniforms if needed.


INFORMATION - The Florida Parental and Resource Center (PIRC) of the Family Network on Disabilities



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