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English Language Learners (E.L.L.)


  • ELL District Plan
  • ELL District Plan - Spanish Version

  • The English Language Learners (E.L.L.) Program is designed to meet the needs of students with limited English Proficiency (LEP). The E.L.L. program addresses cultural skills, communications skills, and academic skills in a sequential and efficient order.

    Classroom instruction provides a natural progression of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Cultural understanding and knowledge of self are addressed, as well as the student's heritage culture. The program emphasizes an individualized approach to insturction.

    The purpose of the E.L.L. program is to provide a smooth transition from the heritage language to English. The LEP student is provided the ESOL class in order to expedite the language acquisition process.

    Each school in Highlands County provides an E.L.L. program to meet their needs of these students.

    Additional information regarding the program may be obtained by calling (863) 471-5569.



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