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The School Board of Highlands County has made arrangements with Madison National Life of Madison, Wisconsin to make available optional Voluntary Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit employees. This is your opportunity to insure your income. Most people routinely insure their homes, health, fire, and automobiles, yet often overlook the necessity of their income.

As a new hire, this is your only chance to get this income protection plan without evidence of insurability.


Contact Madison National Life



M-F, 8am-5pm (CST)


Madison National Life Insurance Company, Inc
P.O. Box 5008
Madison, WI 53705



Benefit Information

Disability Insurance Information Sheet


Disability Power Point Presentation (pdf)


Madison LTD Info


RATES: (Effective 4/1/11)

Option 1 (14 Days)    - .716%

Option 2 (30 Days)   - .512%

Option 3 (60 Days)   - .344%

Option 4 (90 Days)   - .292%

Option 5 (180 Days) - .24%


How to calculate per check cost:

Multiply Annual Salary by appropriate Rate above then divide by Number of checks per year


Salary = $20,500

Rate = .00716 (Option 1)

Checks Per Year = 24

= $6.12 Per Check




Download & Print Forms

Attending Physician's Statement

Employee's Claim for LTD Benefits

Employer's Statement

Evidence of Insurability Form

Group Enrollment Change Form

Certificate of Insurance -

Option 1 (14 Days)

Option 2 (30 Days)

Option 3 (60 Days)

Option 4(90 Days)

Option 5 (180 Days)



Already on a FMLA leave?
If you are on a FMLA leave, coverage will continue until the later of the leave period required by the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 and any amendments, or the leave period required by applicable state law provided that:
    (a)   We receive written notice in advance of a leave approved by your Employer which includes the beginning and ending dates of the leave and the amount of your covered salary;

    (b)   FMLA leaves of absence and the right to continue coverage during FMLA leaves are available to all eligible employees in the same class covered under the Policy; and

    (c)   The Employer remits the required premium for coverage. The employee is responsible for remitting the premium during FMLA if on a non-paid status and not on waiver of premium.
The Elimination Period can be satisfied and benefits may be payable during a FMLA leave subject to all other contract provisions. The benefit will be based on your covered earnings in effect on your last full day of Active Work prior to the leave.


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