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  Dr. Brenda Longshore



  Deputy Superintendent:



  Dr. Rodney Hollinger



  Assistant Superintendent:


  Mr. Mike Averyt,
  Business Operations


  Assistant Superintendent:


  Mrs. Melissa Blackman,
  Curriculum & Instruction


  Secretary to Dr. Longshore:



  Mrs. Cindy Wester



  Secretary to Dr. Hollinger:



   Mrs. Bonnie Johns



  Secretary to the Board:



  Mrs. Marlene Welborn






Wally Cox


Dr. Brenda Longshore

The office of the Superintendent provides professional leadership and guidance for the county system of public education and carries out the policies, procedures, and duties authorized by law, State Board of Education, and the School Board of Highlands County. This office provides central support to all schools as well as the administrative offices. The goals of the Superintendent's Office are as follows:

  • To facilitate the development and implementation of the best possible educational practices;
  • To facilitate the development and implementation of the best possible curriculum for students;
  • To assist Principals and Administrators in implementing those practices, as well as meeting requirements established by law and regulations;
  • To ensure that Principals and Administrators are informed on current issues and on the plans or actions of Federal and State government.


Deputy Superintendent

Rodney Hollinger


Dr. Rodney Hollinger

The Deputy Superintendent provides assistance to the Superintendent, Principals, Directors, Coordinators, and Managers concerning school-related issues. This office serves as the Superintendent's designee for administrative matters related to the Code of Student Conduct, School Attendance Zones, School Board Policies and other issues as the need arises. The Deputy Superintendent's Office oversees the following areas:



Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations

Mike Averyt


Mr. Mike Averyt,

Business Operations

The office of Business Operations manages business-oriented departments of the Highlands County Schools. The goal is to provide resources and support for administrators, teachers, and educational support personnel as they strive to provide students an opportunity to learn. The Assistant Superintendent oversees the following departments:


Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction









Curriculum & Instruction

The Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction assists our schools in improving student achievement, leadership development, faculty development, and professional develop. The Assistant Superintendent provides instructional leadership and appropriate resources for on-going district-wide curriculum development to ensure implementation of the standards. For additional curriculum information, click on the link below:



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